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Keep calm and carry on!

When I moved this year to the states I wanted to try out a lot of new things. I always had  various ideas of knitting and weaving projects. Finally, in a store I found a hexagon weaving loom. I never heard about it before, I guess we really don´t have this in Germany, or it is not popular at all there. It just got my attention, I like the hexagon shape and I really wanted to try it out. Besides this loom I also found the perfect wool for a new project. I wanted to do something colorful, I didn´t had any idea back then what to do exactly, but a kind of idea was there I wanted to follow.

At home I did some research about the hexagon loom, if you never heard about it before, it can be confusing reading the instruction. Youtube-Videos actually helped me a lot to learn the technique. After 2 or 3 attempts I figured it out, and I decided to make a blanket. The plan seemed for me easy: making as many patches as possible and sewing them together to a blanket. Well, I can tell you after 3 weeks I realized I kind of underestimated the project. It is a lot of work to do a blanket, but I kept on with my work. Sometimes it was frustrating because it went on slow, but what helped a lot was to think about the result, that really motivated me. After 3 months of constantly weaving and sewing I finished my project and I am very happy and proud of it. Even when it drove me kind of crazy after a while, to finish patch number 120 (of 200) and I still had a bunch of work.

The blanket is more for me than just a little fun project. It is my first accomplishment in the states. I struggled, I needed to figure out how, it frustrated me when it took very look to see at least a little progress in my work. After a while I had a little mantra: “Keep calm and carry on”. Sometimes I was afraid to give up. Sometimes I was afraid it will look kind of stupid when I will finish it. But I always looked forward to finish it, because I believe in my ideas.

The blanket represents in some kind to me also the struggles you have, when you move to a new country. You have to figure out, to learn, to go on, even when it´s frightening, or sometimes frustrating. You always have to go on your path and not giving up the idea, because in the end you build up a cozy little place where you start to feel home. You will look back on all the steps and struggles and you realize you finally figured out. And the best gift you will earn is to be proud of how far you went and how much you learn in your path. I definitely learned to stop being afraid of failing, aifraid of struggles or something being not perfect. I definitely don´t regret my decisions and paths I took. And after all when life gives me lemons, I make lemonade and go on a picnic with my new blanket!



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  1. Your blanket is beautiful! I have just begun weaving on a square pin loom and it is fun but I like your hexies even better, you have inspired me,thank you! The pictures are beautiful too. ♥️


    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m glad I was able to inspire you. If you´re interested in a Hexagon-Loom, I found mine at Michaels.

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