*flow magazine*


I used to read Flow in Germany, so when I discovered this magazine in the States I was so happy about it and just needed to buy this one. This is a special issue about sketchbooks. As every single magazine from Flow, it is simply well designed. The illustrations are really good, I do like the playul layouts and it´s just inspiring. The price though is really shocking, this magazine costs 19,99$ and is available for example at Barnes & Nobles (the language is in dutch and english). The regular Flow magazine in Germany costs 6,95 €. No matter, I really needed to read this magazine, it´s been a long time since I´ve read the last time “flow”.

So, what is “flow”? Flow is a magazine  for women and it´s topics are “inspirations, ideas and insights”. Pretty much a magazine for creative women, with DIY ideas, but also about Art, Culture and Contemporary Art. Besides the creative part, flow also has articles about everydays life, cooking ideas and in particular many articles are about mindfulness. I really like this mix about creativity, cultural reports and interviews with Designers, Artists, Librarians, articles about everyday lifes, as well as ideas about mindfulness.


“Flow sketchbook” for example is a special edition. The topics in this magazines are about drawings, sketching and loosing the fear of a blank sheet of paper. It has a lot of drawing tutorials in it (espacially for beginners). This magazine gives ideas and tutorials about what to draw, how to and it encourages to just start and trying out. It also gives a small introduction into different techniques and styles. This issue comes also with a few paper gifts (tracing paper, plain postcards for DIY projects and a “paper house”, this paper house is more like a sheet of carton you can use in a creative way for coloring the house, draw ideas into it a.s.o., ).

“Flow” always has paper gifts in every issue: Postcards, poster, journals, wrapping paper, paper for DIY-projects, a.s.o. These paper gifts are always in a delicate, playful design. No wonder, because this magazine works together with many international and well known illustrators. I really do enjoy this magazine, it´s playful and inspirational. It is one of these magazines you just like to read through every single article and you just have a feel-good-moment and tons of ideas during reading.

Although, the price is maybe a bit too much, but I didn´t found anything comparable yet in the US market. I´m still looking for similar magazines in the States, do you have any recommendations for creative and playful magazines? Also I am still searching for Design Magazines and Cultural Magazines. It would help a lot, thank you 🙂

If you´re interested in this magazine I have a link below:

Flow Magazine



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