* how to stay creative *

The past few days I was busy with many ideas and making new concepts. Working on creative projects is very essential to me. So I thought about writing a post about my ideas how to support creativity and how we keep our minds fresh.

With this post I want to support everyone who needs creativity in their life. But who needs creativity? Well, I think everyone. People of every age, every gender, from every culture and people in many different situations. Everyone is acting creative by making decisions, by thinking, by working, by playing games or just dreaming. Very often we forget to focus on creativity, to get creative input or to support our creativity. We are walking with phones in our hands, focusing on a small screen while the real world is waiting for us to get discovered. What’s new on facebook? What do other people do? What trends to follow? Is this the right way to seek new ideas? Maybe it leads to more surprising results when we find the ideas outside of screens.

Go and explore new things. I don’t mean to travel to the other side of the world, but to go on new adventures. Adventures can be everywhere. A new book, trying out a new restaurant, reading a new magazine, going for a walk where you usually never went. We have daily routines in our life, that give us stability, but sometimes it is fun to break them. Always watched TV after work, or playing games on the Computer? Why not trying out a new Hobby? Learning a craft (sewing, ceramic etc.), drawing, painting, doing a new sport, joining a new sports club,cooking, getting classes… The possibilities are endless and there’s nothing to loose, furthermore you will gain new experiences and skills.

We often see just one way of possibility in our life and we forget the many opportunities we still have everyday. Breaking the daily system gives us new ideas and new input. When we struggle with something, why don’t we just turn off the phone, go for a walk or read something? Out of ideas? Why don’t just go to the museum and get there a little brainstorming? Frustrated with something? Why not trying to get new perspectives and learning something new? Taking classes? It is never too late to learn something new. To keep our mind busy is a good way to keep our creativity up to date.




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