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book review

I love to discover new books! “Mighty Ugly” from Kim Piper Werker is just lovely. I do love the design and appearance, it just drew my attention at the book store. Currently I do a lot of researches about creativity, what it means and the ways to work creative.

The writing style is very refreshing, honest, just as if you’re chatting with a good friend. I didn’t finish to read the book yet, but here are my results so far (I just finished part one):

  • Kim Piper Werker writes about a few interesting cases of creative people struggling with their work and about her own case. BUT this book is not meant to be cheerleading  the reader or holding their hands. “Mighty Ugly” wants to let the reader discover about him- or herself, their own struggles.
  • making something ugly! I’m glad that I finally met someone who is thinking like I do! Why shall we put ourselves under pressure as a creative person, designing something that seems to be perfect in common sense? We would just create something “nice”, but not a true work of ourself anymore. If everything has to follow a common norm, the artworld would be so poor. By the way, I also think that perfectionism doesn’t exist. It just doesn’t exist! The real eye-catching and interesting things, these are pieces of work that follow their own rules. Authentic work, that is breathtaking. Work with little pieces within to discover, little wrinkles, and little unexpectable discoveries.   Artwork that appears just perfect seems to me uninteresting, maybe harmonic, but boring.
  • it is relaxing indeed to make something ugly on purpose. It leds to interesting experiments and turns pressure down (to work always accurate and in perfection).
  • this book gives you the opportunity to learn about yourself. Creativity is very deep connected to the personality and personal experiences. Kim Piper Werker motivates to reflect ourselves. Who am I? What am I good at? What are my failures, my goals…
  • name the demons and learn about them. What stops your creative flow?
    self-doubt, perfectionism, fear of failure, block, and procrastination
  • right now I am at the end of part one and I will create my own ugly creature! This is the first exercise. I will let you know about the result, haha.

This book isn’t just a recommendation for creative folks, I think everyone can learn from this book. What makes us stop? What is blocking us? What can I do to get back into my workflow? I’m already excited to finish reading this book, learning about new views of creative work, and to complete the exercises.

Do you have any book recommendations about creativity? Let me know! 🙂


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