: ugly creature :

Here we go:
Currently I am reading “mighty ugly” from Kim Piper Werker and this page from my sketchbook shows my ugly creature. This was the first exercise in the book “mighty ugly”: creating something ugly on purpose and with passion. Letting go of expectations, just focusing on the task to create something ugly. It was very relaxing to just focus on the process and not on the result. I just started working with materials, didn’t thought about what I am going to do and what the result with be.

This ugly creature is about anger and fear, and how close they are connected to media in our society. Media that plays with our emotions makes us unable to think for ourselves about the topics. My ugly creature shows the view I have from news. Currently I am shocked about news filled with hateful and fearful comments about refugees, war, future, terror and an ugly presidential debate. It worries me, that we can get so easily manipulated by some strangers opinion behind the cameras, behind the printers, and behind a computer keyboard.


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