– a 100daysproject –

I thought about this project a long time. The goal for me is to improve my skills in handlettering, but also doing something positive everyday. I want to connect my handlettering to positive quotes, so I can bring a little smile into my work every day.

One of my first fans is Whiskers, as you can see her in these pictures. I adopted this little kitten a month ago, and she brings so much joy in my daily life. Whiskers enjoys when I am doing my work, the smell of chalk seems to be very fascinating to her. She always walks around, or watches me when I do my chalkboard exercises. So it happens that she will probably appear to almost every picture, too. I can’t hide the happiness a pet can bring in our lifes.

Enjoy the journey of me and Whiskers discovering together chalkboardart and positive quotes! You can have a view of this project on my instagram profile, or in my weekly update here in this blog. Let me know if you have recommendations, ideas, or some input! I will appreciate it!


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