* mighty ugly update part 1*

“Mighty Ugly” from Kim Piper Werker

I’m almost finished with reading part two. As far as I can say I love this book so much! It’s one of the first books I want to read very slowly, to enjoy every chapter. As a designer and illustrator I feel very connected to the author’s opinion. Especially Part Two, Section Two: “Mistakes and Squirming! They’re so Great!”. Yes, yes, yes! I always try to encourage my students and friends to never give up, because of fails.

Fails and mistakes are an important creative process. Never underestimate the importance of failing in the learning process. No one just woke up and was an artist. You have to become an artist, learning, trying, exercising and of course failing. Mistakes are part of our life’s and we should accept them, use them to evolve them into something better. When we start to fear mistakes we do stop our learning process and our creative process.

There’s no success without failure. We have to learn to become proud of mistakes and proud of our process, not the results. When I look back and remember my favourite creative projects, I always do remember that the most fun part is the actual work. Try and error. Mistakes and their developing.


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