– more birthday treats –

Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S Pen

This is definitely one of the best gifts I got for my birthday. I never had a tablet before and it was not easy to find a tablet. There are so many choices but I kept in mind to find a multi talent that fits my needs. A tablet to use for taking photos, notes, reading books, doing research, using as multimedia device… AND as a sketchbook, too! As an artist I am totally amazed to have the opportunity now to always carry an electronic sketchbook with me.

The Spen that comes with the tablet is maybe small, but it doesn’t bug me at all and you’re getting used to it quickly. I already have a lot of experience with a Wacom Graphic Tablet and compared to this experience I am very satisfied with the S Pen from Samsung. It catches pressures during drawing, just like my Wacom device and you can make really great sketches with it.

It appears very handy, I do like the size (a bit bigger than a moleskine sketchbook ). Now I always have a device ready for sketching, reading, research and so much more. A plus is definitely to have the opportunity to use different colors and brushes for sketches now on the go. As sketching apps I do use Bamboo Paper ( I like the sketchbook appearance ) and Sketchbook ( the premium version comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab with S PEN for free!).


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