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As a little reminder for the new year I think this quote from T. Roosevelt is a perfect motivation to accomplish our goals: “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are“. This quote went deep into my daily thoughts. Very often I catch myself in thinking I can’t do this. It’s either I blame it on not having the right tools and abilities, or I just feel lost. This year I faced many difficult and challenging moments. Moving to a new country is a big step. It requires a lot of patience and flexibility in the way of thinking and doing things. 

Not only is the language a big thing. You have to settle in a complete new environment. I recognized that even small things are different: Food, jokes, news, magazines, money, behavings,the vacuum cleaner, the stove, art supplies ( I do miss them especially), and so much more. First it was very confusing and frightening to me. Then, I learned to have more flexibility in my life. 

I do not have the same art supplies as in Germany? That’s ok, I can try out, test some stuff, research and learn. I learned a lot this year, especially how to deal with new situations. This is a great opportunity that many people don’t experience any more. We have our daily lives and basic routines. Breaking through routines is great! 

I had to start this year from zero again. New friends, new home, new job, … I was afraid, especially because there is so much I have to accomplish again. When I got scared I always remembered this quote:

It doesn’t matter to think of what I can do better, or what I need to get or to accomplish, or where I am. It does matter that I do my best every day with the opportunities I have. It is hard but also important to start somewhere, and where this starts something can evolve. The only requirement is that I have to start and to allow versatility. Dont worry about where your destination is, just start and give your life a new opportunity.

Thank you T. Roosevelt for these wise words!


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