* The Golden Secrets of Lettering *

Are you looking for a great book to learn lettering? I was searching for quite a while until I found the perfect book that goes deeper into the topic. “Golden Secrets of Lettering” is the perfect book for every professional who seeks to learn more about lettering. This book gives inspiration, but it also supports with a lot of know-how and typographic fundamentals for lettering.


This book was published last year (2016) in Germany by the publisher Hermann Schmidt. Hermann Schmidt is one of the leading book publishers in Germany, specialized in design and typography. You can feel the passion for beautiful books in every new released book. In “Lust auf Lettering” or “The Golden Secrets of Lettering” the author Martina Flor (one of the leading international experts in lettering) invites you to go through a 10 steps workshop.

From discovering typography, to fundamentals of good lettering, sketching and digitalization you will have a book that serves more than just nicely lettering. You learn step by step how to create lettering and what you have to be aware of, when you want to make good lettering. I recommend this book to every professional, who wants to learn more about lettering and is bored from books that just serve nice pictures. Learn the “how-to-make-good-lettering” with this book.

“The Golden Secrets of Lettering” from Martina Flor will be released on April 18th 2017 and is for example available through amazon. This book is already a must-have for everyone in Germany who is interested in lettering.



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