# mighty ugly update #

What a great book! I enjoyed every single page of this handsome book. The illustrations and the design are playful. Reading the content just felt like talking to a creative friend. The ideas behind the exercises are helpful. I do like the message of mighty ugly. Stop being afraif of making mistakes. Mistakes are part of our creative journey and we should celebrate mistakes and learn from them. 

I do like this perspective. I often catched myself being caught in perfectionism, but never realized it blocked me so often. We all have a role model in our head. When we are creating, we get caught in imaginations of something perfect. Why not letting go of this and get caught by the creative process itself. Enjoying our mistakes and the process we go through. 

My art and design actually is very often inspired by the details that I catch up. I do love when something is authentic and has it’s own hidden unperfectionism. It just draws my attention when something is different, unique in it’s own playful way. I never actually was fascintated by something perfect.To me people who pretend to be perfect are boring. Drawings and paintings that are just accurate and in a “high-end” technique (for example very photorealistic drawings) are interesting, but it doesn’t catch my attention as much as emotional artwork. Artwork that appears in it’s own unique way is authentic to me. I do love the little accidents in drawings and paintings. 

This book just reminded me of my my own fundamental values of my creative work. Thank you Kim Piper Werker to remind your readers to allow mistakes and to stay behind their own unique creative way. Very inspiring. I’m a bit sad that I finished reading this book, but I will stay definitely in my bookshelf as a friendly reminder that ugly can be “mighty ugly” and it is fun! 


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