: Mr. Cat :

Currently I’m working on a few side projects I wanted to realize now for a while. I started sewing a year ago and practiced a lot. For christmas I created many handmade goodies for family and friends, since then I get ased very often if I sell my handbags and teddies. So I decided to realize some more goodies and design more projects. Working with my sewing machine and designing new projects is more to me than just doing something.It is first of all fun, relaxing and kind of like a meditation to me. I get into a workflow and before even realizing it, I’m sitting on my desk until midnight. 

I also do enjoy when people appreciate my work and crafts. Nothing is more satisfying than watching people getting suprised, amused or just happy with something you created.That’s one of the reasons I do enjoy to be a designer and illustrator. Things can be more than just pretty.They can be fun, convenient, surprising, ergonomic and so much more!

I will keep an update of this here on my blog. There’s happening so much right now and I’m working on so many projects it’s sometimes hard to make a decision what I shall post about. Also I’m still working on my book reviews. Currently I’m crossreading many books about creativity and about webdesign. 


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