# why I am a designer #

Why I am a Designer

  • I am not a hipster, or a person who wants to show off individuality, I am just creative and a craftswoman.
  • I do love working with my hands, giving my design a unique handprint, is one of my trademarks.
  • I combine traditional tools with new media. As a designer I stay to my roots of crafts and creating, even when I do look into new inventions and ideas. It is important to know where you’re from, and to understand basic values. Working with the computer is great, but going offroad on manual adventures brings the special spice to a good design.
  • Creating a unique design, that is part of my individual style. I am not imitating other, I stay to myself, and what catches my eyes, fascinates me, and not to trends.
  • Do what you love. Since as a child I always loved to create stories. I remember illustrating charackters in elemtary school, I did like to create stories and to draw to every story a picture with it, to describe my ideas the best.
  • I never went to a fancy art school as a kid, I learned my skills by myself and with the help of art books. I am glad about it, because I have my own unique drawing style, that belongs to me and is not a persuaded style from a teacher. At university I learned how to improve my unique skills with the support of great prophessors, who never pushed me into something I wasn’t.
  • Nothing reachs a heart to a person faster than a simple picture. When I can’t find the right words, I use my paintings to express myself.
  • Nothing can improve our culture better, than well done design. Messages that are able to communicate, to support people and improve our every day life.
  • Colors, pattern, structures, and forms are fascinating to me. I do love to see every day new things, new people and new art.
  • I am stubborn. Yes, that is one of the main reason that I am a Designer. You will get so many refusals in your life and as designer you learn to deal with them. You learn to fight for your ideas, to improve yourself every single day. As a designer your mind never stops.
  • Many people undererstimate the time of research, creating concepts, collecting ideas and to train your skills. I never give up my creative process. And if something didn’t turn out to my satisfaction, I try to improve myself.
  • I am a caring person. I don’t close my eyes in our society and walk blind or blended through the world. I observe my surroundings, I don’t look away if I see a problem. Thinking about challenges and problems is inspiring me. I like to support people with my creative ideas. Personally, I think it is important to take responsibility for a better future, no matter who you are.
  • I don’t do pretty things. If you want a pretty drawing, ask someone else. If you want a drawing from me, you’re welcome. I never just do something, because it is pretty. I am not an idiot, just doing something and hoping it will turn out great. If you ask me for a job, you can expect to get something that is thought through it’s concept and is longlastig, not just a trend.
  • I try to always reach perfection, even I know I can’t.
  • You can expect with every illustration that there is a part of me always within it. A part of my time during childhood, when I tried to improve my drawing skills. A part of my studies, when I read thousands of pages about forms, colors and art. A part of my love to what I am doing. A part of my fears, when I started studying. A part of my daily improving and struggling, as also part of my successes in life. Every piece of work, is an invitation for everyone to enjoy these parts of my processes.
  • Working with passion and curiosity pushes me to new levels and new skills every time.
  • Being creative is something you can’t switch off.

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